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Impulse Sealer

Impulse sealing is the process, which is utilized for sealing multi-layer, oxygen barrier and metalized bags as well as pockets. We offer Impulse Sealers, which are properly configured machines, which can join two sheets of equally heavy thermoplastic materials. These highly functional powered tools are utilized for several types of plastic packaging. The machines are make use of an impulse of electricity for heating the metal wire. Main advantage of the said machines is that Impulse Sealers only ever apply heat in the applications, where arm is down. Supplied machines enable safer work environment and ensure energy-efficiency. 

Hand Sealing Heater Machine

Due to devotion and dedication towards the quality, we are able to provide a broad ambit of Hand Sealing Heater Machine. It is well equipped with a premium quality of steel materials to prevent corrosion resistant. This machine is a machine used to seal products and other thermoplastic materials using heat process. Hand Sealing Heater Machine is a type of sealer to produce a wave of heat strong enough to melt and seal up the bag. 

Plastic Hand Impulse Sealer Machine